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The Romanian-French MBA Programme is delivered over 2 academic years, plus an extension of maximum one year for each academic year. The classes schedules are divided in 2 semesters per year: Semester 1 (1st October - mid-February), Semester 2 (mid-February – end of June), and Study Trips (July – September: 1 week study trip to the CNAM Paris – France and/or 3 weeks study trip to CSU in San Bernardino - the USA)

The schedule was created with the students’ needs in mind and the importance of their current jobs and career development plans, so that they will not interfere so much with the business hours. The lectures and seminars are programmed, depending of the type of MBA programme:

Executive MBA:

Hybrid MBA:

Vacations are fixed every year but MBA students may expect the following schedule: 2 weeks for Christmas (end December, beginning January), 1 week for semesters break (February), and 2.5 months the Summer Holidays (July – September, excluding study trips)

The Romanian-French INDE MBA holds a double accreditation

Master of Business Administration - International degree, accredited by AMBA

MBA Romano-Francez INDE - Romanian master diploma, accredited by ARACIS
Expand your Horizons

EH 33: Expand your Horizons - Structured Communication & Story Telling
Guest speaker Georgeta DENDRINO, Executive Coach and Owner at Interact
Thursday, 13 April 2018, follow link

EH 34: Expand your Horizons - A life for business or a business for life
Guest speaker Eric Dhoste, Chief Executive Officer, BRD Finance
Thursday, 26 April 2018, follow link

EH 35: Expand your Horizons - Gain and Regain Market
Guest speaker Mihai Struteanu, Commercial Director Business Division Digi | RCS & RDS
Sunday, November 4, 2018,follow link

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